Since the establishment of Golan Air Conditioning Services, the company has grown fast to become the most trusted name for HVAC services in Rosemead. At Golan Air Conditioning Services, we are committed to offering our customers timely and satisfaction guaranteed service. Therefore, when you choose Golan Air Conditioning Services for heating and cooling services, you are assured that we will help you from start to finish. At Golan Air Conditioning Services, our technicians are all rounded ensuring that our customers enjoy one-stop service. Therefore, if you are looking for the performance masters when it comes to HVAC installation, trust Golan Air Conditioning Services.

Our technicians work efficiently and respect customers. Therefore, they will always show up in time and respect all your property even when working indoors. We value trust when it comes to assurance of business continuity. Therefore, when you hire us, we send technicians who have shown to value the power of trust in service delivery. We work with big brands in the HVAC industry, and we provide the best services.

To schedule for our services, talk to our experts through the office telephone number (805) 912-5521. We are Rosemead most respected HVAC service, providers. Here are the services that we provide to our customers


Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Services

Are you looking for a fast and efficient air conditioning service in Rosemead? Talk to Golan Air Conditioning Services immediately and we will help you. At Golan Air Conditioning Services we provide fast and efficient AC repair services. our mission is to ensure the comfort of our customers through the air cooling solutions. Therefore, if your AC is nonfunctional, we will help you by performing a repair service. We use genuine AC replacement parts. Therefore, you can always trust us when the AC required parts replacement. In case you need an AC installation service, also talk to Golan Air Conditioning Services. We provide our customers a reliable solution when it comes to AC installation. Therefore, just call us immediately and we will help you.


Rosemead Emergency AC Services

An air conditioner is one of the equipment that might function unexpectedly. When you experience sudden AC failure, it can be a very tormenting occurrence. However, knowing that you have a reliable AC repair company, you will no longer need to wait for hours for the AC repair, installation or replacement. Talk to Golan Air Conditioning Services for the emergency AC repair and installation in Rosemead. We are the most experienced AC professionals serving Rosemead and offering a high-quality service.

Heater Repair Services

Golan Air Conditioning Services provides the best services when it comes to heater repair. For the years that we have been in service, we are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied. Therefore, when the room heater seems to have failed, talk to us for troubleshooting and repair services. We have the best heater repair equipment and we use genuine replacement parts ensuring your heater is operational.


Refrigeration System Repair

The refrigeration system is an important investment especially when you want to keep fresh produce for later consumption. Does your refrigeration seem problematic? Talk to Golan Air Conditioning Services for repair services.

Air Duct Installation

AC is an important investment. You need to make sure that the air duct is fully functional at all times. This is so that you are assured fresh air supply indoors. This is important for you and your family. for air duct cleaning, replacement or installation, call Golan Air Conditioning Services today.


Thermostat Repair Services

Golan Air Conditioning Services technicians work hard to ensure the comfort of the customers. Therefore, we shall leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the efficiency of the HVAC system. At Golan Air Conditioning Services, we provide thermostat repair services ensuring that the crucial component of your HVAC equipment, is working optimally. When you come to Golan Air Conditioning Services, you are assured a high-quality service. Schedule for the thermostat repair service now, and enjoy great discounts.

Golan Air Conditioning Services is the best solution provider when it comes to servicing the heating and cooling equipment.